On Having Schizophrenia

A reader asked me once, “how do you know what it’s like, having schizophrenia?”

Spoiler: I can write a series about it because I, in fact, have it. I go to weekly therapy. I am on heavy-duty medication, which keeps me functional. Even so, every day, it can be a real struggle – with paranoia, with depression, with basic tasks like brushing my teeth.

I wrote a book series about someone who is fairly high-functioning… and yet, she still struggles. Because schizophrenia is a disability. There’s no getting around it. It’s an illness. I’m blessed to have a support system – a loving family, a close network of friends that “gets” me. Not everyone with schizophrenia, or any other mental illness, has that.

This is not a plea for pity. I don’t need pity. I’ve written a book series – I served in the Army – I served as a Sexual Assault Specialist – I’ve lived a very full and blessed life, with more yet to come. It is a request for empathy… that we remember that every single human being on this planet is struggling, and that we love them accordingly. That we remember that all of us are God’s children, and that we act that way.

So. Read Eileen’s story. Think about it. Ask me questions, here or on my Facebook page… I’m happy to answer! And thank you, so much, for coming with me on the journey so far.

Published by writesclara

Writer. Licensed Practical Nursing student. Former Sexual Assault Specialist. Former Army Officer. Former Crisis Counselor.

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